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How to Increase App Downloads with 5 Easy Tips

The mobile app industry is increasingly becoming more competitive with each passing day. There are a number of apps available online that either bring convenience into users’ lives or that they use for entertainment purposes. In the face of such fierce competition, it can be tough to make a mark for your app.

Similarly, you could crack a less competitive market and develop an app but it is pointless unless people download it. In fact, not only download it but consistently use it. It can be a tall task to achieve. However, the following are a couple of steps that can increase the downloads of your app:

Localise your App to Maximize Downloads

Nowadays brands have access to people all around the world thanks to technology. A person from Poland can view and download an app that is developed in India. In the same vein, businesses try their best to expand that reach and convince users to use their apps.

However, it is easier said than done. Especially, when there are a number of local apps available that cater to the preferences and needs of your target audience in a battery way. In this situation, localization management software can be of great assistance.

By using localisation software, you can easily adapt your app as per the preferences of each targeted region. In addition, you can make certain that the app is culturally relevant to your target audience.

Incentivize Users to Provide User Reviews

Since there are a plethora of apps on the Google Play app store and Apple app store, users tend to go through the reviews. Similarly, in order to convince other users to download your app, reviews are essential. This phenomenon is also known as social proof. Good reviews and ratings act as recommendations from other users that can convince potential users to download your app.

Moreover, positive ratings and reviews increase your ranking on the app store. As a result, you become visible amid the sea of competition. However, convincing your users to leave you a review can be tough. People are more tempted to leave a review if something goes wrong than when they have a pleasant experience.

Thus, you can provide your users with some incentives to leave reviews. You give them some discounts or coupons to encourage them to leave a review.

Make Sure your App is Glitch Free and is Well-developed

Nothing puts off users as much as a glitchy app that keeps crashing. It is essential to cut no corners in the development of your app. This step alone could help you distinguish your app from the competition.

In order to make sure that there are no glitches in your app, you can put it through a rigorous testing stage. In this stage, the quality assurance department thoroughly examines and uses the app to point out any faults. Similarly, they inform you if the app crashes or lags behind.

Use a Strategic Multilingual Approach

If you are planning to target multiple countries, it is best to implement a multilingual approach from the start. Since the app will be developed with flexibility and keeping in mind the various nuances of different languages. Additionally, it will be easier to translate the content into multiple languages using the best translation management software. By using the translation management software, you will save precious time and it will be easier to coordinate with the rest of the team. Moreover, it will streamline the process, reducing confusions, and risk of errors.

In the same vein, users will be able to understand your app in a better way and relate to it. As a result, you attract users from all over the world and enhance the number of downloads.

Implement an Engaging Social Media Strategy

These days the most effective marketing channel is social. Whether you are selling a product, or service or looking to engage users with your apps. Social media is the best means to create awareness and engage with users in real time. Moreover, you can get their feedback and assess their needs.

Furthermore, to increase the downloads of your app, it is essential to maintain a strong presence online for your app. As a result, your app’s reach will expand and capture the attention of new users as well. In order to determine which social media channels your target market uses the most, you must focus on their demographics.

You can create polls, share news about the developments in your app or announce competitions with gifts to engage your potential users.

Final Words

It can be tough to create space for your app in the cutthroat competition of app stores. However, with some planning and by following the above mentioned tips, you can kick start your app. Likewise, localising your app and using a multilingual approach can help your app stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, make sure that your app is in the best working condition before launching it on the App Store. It will save you from negative reviews or negative word of mouth. 

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