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Peaky Blinders Style Suits: Get The Look

When it comes to fashion, the Peaky Blinders series has certainly left a mark on the world. Though cantered around gangsters and violence, the characters’ choice of attire has made an impact on fashion aficionados. We’re talking about the stylish suits and outfits that Tommy Shelby, Arthur Shelby, and other members of the Peaky Blinders crew wear. The show’s popularity has spawned Peaky Blinders themed parties and events, where fans don the classic suits and hats worn by the cast. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can get the Peaky Blinders look with the perfect suit.

Pick Classic Colours

The suits worn by Tommy Shelby and Arthur Shelby are usually solid colours, such as grey, navy blue, black, and brown. The colours of their suits were often worn by working-class men in Britain during the 1920s. For a much more authentic look, avoid bright or flashy colours. A classic suit in a classic colour never goes out of style.

The Right Fit

Tailoring is everything when it comes to Peaky Blinders-style suits. The fit should be slim, but not too tight. When it comes to trouser length, wear them above the ankle. This subtle design is a hallmark of the Peaky Blinders country style and makes the show’s suits truly distinguishable. In terms of the jacket, it should sit nicely above the hips to give you a slim, sharp appearance.


Accessories such as cuffed shirts, vintage-style shoes, and peaky-style woollen hats or flat caps are all necessary parts of the Peaky Blinders look. The most iconic piece is, of course, the woollen cap. It is said that the caps were designed with a hidden razor which the peaky boys used to attack their enemies; but don’t worry, the modern version comes razor-free. A pair of simple leather gloves will increase the overall sophistication and elegance of the outfit.


A Peaky Blinders costume should represent the look of a working-class man of the era and that means that layers are essential. Layer a classic vest or a waistcoat over a white shirt. It not only looks elegant, but it also helps keep you warm during the cold season. Also, don’t shy away from adding a woollen coat on top of your blazer to complete the look.

Fabrics and Materials

When it comes to fabric, steer towards heavier materials such as tweed, wool, and herringbone. These were the only materials available at the time, so it adds to the authenticity of the outfit. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you can opt for lighter fabrics such as cotton, but be careful not to go too light.


Peaky Blinders style suits, what can we say? The show has set the trend for a tailored and sophisticated look, which is suitable for all occasions. Not only does it exude class and style, but it also pays tribute to the 1920s era. With the right colour, fit, accessories, layering, and material, you can effortlessly rock this timeless fashion trend. So, get yourself a Peaky Blinders suit and become a part of the gangster lore.

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