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Should you pull for Jing Yuan Honkai Star Rail

Jing Yuan is currently on the Event Banner in his rerun – so is he worth pulling for now? Or should you spend your Rail Passes on Sparkle instead?

Sparkle is a great support and a completely new character, so if you already have Jing Yuan, or have a good Erudition character already, you might want to pull for Sparkle – but if you don’t have Jing Yuan, he can prove to be a formidable force and a top-tier damage dealer.

Not only that, but he arguably has the best design in the whole game, and one of the flashiest abilities in Honkai Star Rail – so if you like flashy things, Jing Yuan Honkai Star Rail is your go-to guy. You could also always just use Honkai star rail top up services and get both Sparkle and Jing Yuan!

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Basic Overviews

Jing Yuan isn’t that complicated to comprehend. You summon big lighting god. Big lightning god does what a big lightning god should – smites your enemies to smithereens – rinse and repeat. Everything that Jing Yuan Honkai Star Rail does is to buff to Lightning Lord to get him to do more and more hits per turn, and once that lightning strikes – you can be sure that it won’t need to twice. (Well, it actually strikes multi

To be clear – most of Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan’s damage comes from the Lightning-Lords hits, and as such – you will want to get at least 7-10 hits per turn so that you can maximize his damage. 

The Lightning-Lords actions increase when:

A) Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan uses his skill

B) Jing Yuan uses his Ultimate

C) Jing Yuan uses his Technique

Now, while this might imply that Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan’s main stat should be SPD and you should pursue it at all costs, that’s not necessarily the case – but more on that later.

The jist of Jing Yuan’s gameplay is: Use Skill/Ultimate to rack up stacks for Lightning-Lord (at least 7 per turn) > Let Discount Zeus obliterate your enemies.

Honkai Jing Yuan’s Best Light Cones

As with all 5-star characters, their best Cone will be their signature one, which in this case is “Before Dawn”. It gives Jing Yuan all the stats he needs – CRIT DMG, Skill and ULT damage, and increases his follow-up attack DMG…

You might be wondering, though – “why would Follow-up attack DMG matter for Jing Yuan?” – and here’s the fun part – Discount Zeus, or rather – Lightning Lord’s damage is counted as “Follow-up Attack” damage.

His good F2P options are Seriousness of Breakfast and Geniuses’ Repose

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Star Rail Jing Yuans Best Relic Set and Stats

First of all – Jing Yuan scales best off of ATK% rather than SPD%, despite what people might initially think. He is a relatively selfish Erudition character who needs to take at least 2 turns per round to maximize the use of his main mechanic, Lightning-Lord. However, even though that is the case – he scales better off of ATK rather than SPD simply because he thrives in teams that are focused on propelling his Actions forward and giving him a lot of SPD.

Here are the main stats you’re looking for:

  • Body: Crit Rate/Crit DMG
  • Boots: ATK%
  • Ring: Lightning Damage %
  • Rope: ATK%

And his best set is easily the Ashblazing Grand Duke set

HSR Jing Yuans Best Team

With the previously mentioned need to act at least twice per round, and his scaling off of ATK%, it’s only natural that his best team will be in supports that can give these two things to him. He’s a hypercarry character and you practically don’t need any other damage dealer on your team, only supports to give the main character (Jing Yuan) his spotlight!

His best team would look something like: Sparkle, Tingyun, Huohuo, Jing Yuan

He can also work in a dual-carry team with Topaz if you need both Lightning AND Fire Breaks against some enemies such as Svarog!


HSR Jing Yuan is an amazing damage dealer who can do a lot of AOE but also a lot of Single-Target damage thanks to the Lightning-Lord’s mechanics. He excels best when there are 2 Elite Enemies on the field, but his damage ceiling is insanely high depending on the team you put him in. However, Sparkle is also a really good character that fits into many different teams – so if you’re new, you might want to pull for her instead… or, you know – you could always buy more Honkai Star Rail currency and pull for both!

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