Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How Advanced Features in 4G Dash Cams Can Transform Your Driving Experience

The integration of 4G technology in dash cams has brought about a host of advanced features that can significantly enhance your driving experience. GPS tracking, advanced video recording, driver identification and behaviour monitoring, vehicle defect reporting, and other features offer unparalleled safety and convenience.

Explore the benefits of these features for fleet management and personal use and learn how they can improve response times, driver behaviour, and overall security, transforming your approach to driving and vehicle management.

Dash Cams Make a Difference

According to recent research, driver error accounts for 67.26% of accidents in the UK, making it the primary cause of road collisions. However, dash cams have been shown to make a quantifiable difference in driver behaviour. The Met Police reported 400 fewer collisions per month since the introduction of dash cams.

Dash Cam Applications and Benefits

When combined with vehicle tracking systems, 4G dash cams have several practical applications and benefits for drivers, whether those drivers use the roads in their personal capacity or as fleet drivers.

GPS Tracking

GPS and telematics allow dash cams to provide accurate location and speed data and create an accurate record of journeys undertaken.

Fleet managers can use location and speed data for benchmarking, which allows them to optimise future routes for greater operational and fuel efficiency. They can also keep coworkers and customers updated regarding delivery times, which should result in greater customer satisfaction. 

Drivers can also leverage these features to optimise their routes in their personal capacity, while concerned family members can learn the whereabouts of their loved ones who use the vehicle. This can be particularly helpful if the driver is involved in a collision or has a breakdown, as the family knows their exact location if they call for assistance.

Accident Documentation

4G dash cams are invaluable in terms of accident documentation, as they capture accurate footage in real time. The shock and stress of a collision can make it difficult for drivers to recall details about the cause and aftermath. 

Fleet managers or private drivers can access footage stored in the cloud to prove their innocence, assist investigators, or for insurance purposes.

Driver Identification and Behaviour Analysis

The driver identification and behaviour analysis features of 4G dash cams from Crystal Ball offer enhanced safety and security. The driver identification feature means fleet managers and vehicle owners know who is driving their vehicle(s), as drivers can log in with a unique username and pin code to identify themselves and verify business and private mileage.

The driver behaviour analysis is based on five KPIs, including acceleration, braking, cornering, idling, and speeding. The vehicle tracking system sounds an alert whenever it detects these actions being performed aggressively, harshly, or for an extended period of time. 

Using facial recognition technology, 4G dash cams can detect when drivers use a mobile phone, smoke while driving, are distracted, fall asleep, close their eyes for a long time, yawn, lower their heads, or are away from the wheel while the vehicle is in motion. If these behaviours are detected, the system alerts the driver. Fleet managers can access a record of driver behaviour, enabling them to address any issues effectively.

4G Dash Cams Empower Drivers

In addition to the features described, 4G dash cams can also be a deterrent to theft, and their maintenance reporting function helps fleet managers and vehicle owners to proactively maintain their vehicles. Overall, they can play an important role in empowering drivers and managers.

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